• Crystal Merkaba Star
  • Size: 2.0 cm to 2.34 cm or 1 Inch
  • A Merkaba Star, or Mer-ka-bah Healing Crystal, means the connecting light of the spirit and body (ancient Egyptian). The star represents the spirit/body surrounded by fields of light, spirals of energy – as in DNA.
  • The Merkaba star is based on the primal pattern, love. It is formed by the interlocking of two three-dimensional pyramids and represents a three-dimensional star of David.
  • Merkabas are tools of spiritual transformation. The Merkaba surrounds you with a spiritual shield, the wheels within wheels that transport one to higher thoughts and states of being.
  • These Merkaba are artisan-crafted, each one given special care and attention to detail. As such, the sizes may vary slightly and each stone is natural and unique.

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Crystal Merkaba Star

  • $2.80 / Piece

  • 10 or more $2.40